Bane's Relic (2007)

Bane's Relic is a short fan film started in 2005 and finished in early 2007. It was written by Jenn Croft and  choreographed, edited, and filmed by Vladislav Rimburg of VJFilms. The motivation of this film was to make a fight and chase montage with a little bit of story, involving the type of fun and interesting choreography that you might find in a Jackie Chan movie, including some humor. In order to keep the production cheap and simple, we decided to refrain from using dialogue, opting more to use body language to communicate the story. We also wanted to showcase the different sides of Lara; her failures as well as her successes; her lenient side along with her ruthless side, just like you see in the typical Tomb Raider game or comic book.

                                                              Lara Croft Trailer by Superhero Photography

               A video edited with pictures from the photoshoot with Adam Jay. Editing done by Sam Highfield. Check out all the pictures from the shoot here, Superhero Photography by clicking here, or Sam Highfield's facebook page.

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