9/28/11-10/2/11: Base Jumping in Malaysia

            My very first public base jumping event took place in Malaysia. Out of 100 base jumpers invited to the event, I was one of only 6 women to participate. This event is held once a year to celebrate the anniversary of the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur. The first couple jumps in the video are at a 300' (~90m) cliff at the Bat Caves, just outside the city. The rest of the jumps were off the tower, in which the exit point stands 1000' high. The first jump for me was the hardest. While the other jumpers were eager to make their first jumps off the tower, I sat on the edge and waited for my moment of zen to come before I could make the leap. In this case, I was waiting a while... about an hour and a half! After sustaining a pretty nasty sunburn, I finally made the jump and every one after that came more easily! After 6 days of jumping, a huge banquet was held for the jumpers with different awards presented for the more unique and talented jumpers. There were also some entertainers to perform a dance typical of the Malaysian culture. It was a unique and eye-opening experience for me. By the end of the trip I had made many great new friends, I had some near death experiences, and a better understanding of the Malaysian and Muslim culture. These memories will never be forgotten and hopefully every base trip I go on will be this much fun!

Here you can find a link to an interview I did during the event: Jenn's KL Tower Event Interview


  1. Wow it is just amazing! You're lucky, I would like to do that too.

  2. Your site is freakin awesome jenn! I LOVE IT!

  3. Jen you really have a lot of courage, I admire you because I would not have been able to, there is too much space <3


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